Monday, October 13, 2014

And It Begins...

While competing on the national stage of track and field I always kept a blog and today I decided to officially begin a new one for a new phase of life. I thought I was living the dream back then; little did I know my dream would evolve into a lifestyle.

What is the American Dream?

I can tell you right now it's the definition of my current set up in life ! 

I mean seriously how many people actually get to do what they dreamed of as a kid. 

Upon graduation at Kansas State University in 2013 I wasn't sure what God had in store for me but I knew He would come through if I was patient and followed His lead. I moved back home into my Great Grandmas house on the farm and began working full time with my Dad and Grandpa. What I thought was going to be a temporary job has turned into something so much more. I have gained an appreciation of every aspect that goes into life as a farmer and rancher. Talk about a learning curve!

I didn't think life could get much sweeter but I was wrong. I received a phone call from my old track and field coach, Rick Ginter. He informed me that he was resigning at Emporia State University and had recommended me for the job. After a lot of careful thinking, strategic planning with family, and prayer, five days later I accepted a coaching position at Emporia State University. 

Now I sit here in the Fall of 2014 and just live out my dream of working outdoors, farming, ranching, and coaching in a sport that gave so much life to me the past twelve years. People ask me what's next? Do you plan on coaching full time? Are you going to take over Leffler Farms Inc? All I can say is right now I'm doing the two things I know the most about in life and couldn't be happier. God has truly outdone himself. 

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