Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top 14 Local Area Harvest Quotes

This list is brought to you by texts and snapchat stories received during #Harvest15 

1. "I wish it'd quit raining so we can start wheat harvest"

2. "I wish it'd rain so we could get a golf game is struggling"

3. "How do you miss the grain cart by that much" (grain all over tractor cab)

4. "I packed a lunch...I ate it by 9:30 am" 

5. "I swear he parks those trucks crooked just to make me get out of my AC and straighten them out" 

6. "It's already 90" (9 am) 

7. "Our combine is running circles around the red one and it's got 10 more feet of header. "

8. "Oh so that cover crop field was wheat, interesting!" 

9. "I never know what to do with my hands while using auto steer"

10. "That wheat was so trashy and pink it should have been on the corner"

11.  "I think I've been in every piece of equipment we own today" 

12. "I'm just gonna hook the planter to the back of the combine and speed this process up!" 

13. "Who worked this field! It's rougher than our county roads" 

14. "You gotta get ya a chair when you're unloading grain" (sends pic of lawn chair by grain bin) 

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